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Friday, July 1, 2011

First purse lining

I've made bags before. Small clutch purses, large hobo bags, and many in between. But I've never lined them before. I decided to make my cousin's puzzle piece bag (which is an Autism awareness bag in earth tones instead of bright primary colors) with a lining and a snap. I have minimal sewing skills, so what would take a seasoned seamstress 5 meaningless minutes, took me 4 adventurous hours. And think I still made the lining larger than the bag! I measured 3  times at least. I got out the sewing machine (ok, so an hour of my adventure was trying to get the uncooperative piece of machinery set up and ready to go) and flew through seaming together the perfectly cut *ahem* pieces and inserted the finished lining into the bag. I then painstakingly (and painfully-have you ever stabbed yourself in the tongue with a needle?) hand stitched a snap into the lining and the lining into the bag. Not bad for a first attempt, eh?

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