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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mickey Mouse free graph

I was about 3 years old when my grandpa and I were walking through a department store together and I saw a single Mickey Mouse stuffed plush toy on the floor near a whole basket full of them.  I picked it up and my grandpa told me to put it back but I wouldn't (what did I know, I was 3!) and I apparently threw quite a fit when he tried to take it from me to put back himself.  Well, grandpas being what they are, he decided it would be easier to buy it for me. Guess what, though? It didn't have a price tag.  He dragged me all over that store, holding on to that stuffed mouse, to find an employee that he could ask about the price.  Not one could tell him. They tried to find another one like it but there wasn't one in the whole bin!  They were all different.  I'm not sure how they came about a price for it, but eventually I took that little guy home and I've had him ever since.  That was 39 years ago! His eyes have had the paint scraped off them, the tip of his nose fell off, his plush is matted down and one arm has had to be sewn back on, but I still have him.  I slept with him every night until I left for college. I was afraid if I took him with me he'd get lost somehow and if I left him home at least he'd be safe.  He's been chewed on, cried on, drooled on, and listened to all my adolescent woes.  I've collected loads of Mickey Mouse over the years from people but I never cared as much for them.  I think it was because they weren't from my grandpa.

My cousin recently asked me to make a baby blanket with Mickey Mouse.  I graphed this one up and thought of Grandpa the whole time.  To make the blanket I think I will use a G hook and 1 sc per graph square with Caron simply soft.   I'll post a finished photo when I'm done.  If you'd like to make your own, email me at with "Mickey Mouse graph" in the subject line.

In the comments below, let me know your thoughts and if you have a similar experience with a stuffed animal, or other toy you'd like to share.

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