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Friday, December 27, 2013

New York Giants afghan pattern graph

This is a graph of an afghan I made for a customer per special request.  I've made a New York afghan before but this one has more detailed work and a bit more skill involved.  It's all done in DC, but the color changes get tedious.  This graph is for a full size blanket.  To get a twin size blanket, don't work the top or bottom ten rows.  To decrease the color changes, I would work it sideways. Email me if you want the full size graph (blogger always shrinks my graphs and they print out blurry).

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Yarn lover mug giveaway

I never win anything but I really want this!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Kaylara's moebius scarf

Warm and fashionable infinity scarf  commissioned by a friend's daughter.  I don't know if there's a name for this stitch, so I named the scarf after the girl!  This is the Kaylara scarf.

Using N Hook and ww yarn (I used red heart grey Heather):
Ch 24 sc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across. (23 sc)
2. Ch 1, turn. (Sc in next st, ch 1, SK 1) 11 x. Sc in last 2 Sc.
Repeat row 2, placing Sc over Sc and ch over ch, to desired length. *see notes
Twist one end one time before whipstitching edges together.

*Sc through both loops, splitting the vertical bars on both sides of scarf.

project requests

I love when people give me a picture and say "can you make this?"  I always respond with "absolutely!" but sometimes it's rather difficult to tell form the picture what stitch was used on the scarf, or what color was used on the amigurumi, so I get as close as I can.  I got another such request yesterday from a teenager with an affinity to scarves.  I was sent a picture of the scarf, and a picture of her wearing a scarf "so I knew how she liked to wear them" Her mother rolled her eyes at this exchange, but I appreciated it.  If I get more details, I can come closer to giving her what she wants.  When she came to pay for it, I asked for special instructions.  She was happy to tell me how she liked to wear them (again) and how wide she wanted it, as well as what color was acceptable.  After several failed attempts yesterday I put it aside and will start fresh today.  How often do you crochet/knit/craft form a picture for customers?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Surprise baby in the world

A friend of mine has a daughter with a great surprise!  She had a baby this week without knowing she was pregnant.  What an emotional time for everyone involved!  Needless to say, she was not prepared.  She has nothing.  Her family and friends are pulling together for her and getting little bits here and there but I'd like to do something special for her. I want my crochet and knitting friends to pull together also and shower her baby boy with hats, mittens, and booties! If you're willing to help, I can give you an address to ship the items to.  I'm taking a day off my Zachary personalized blanket since I'm a few days ahead of schedule, and working on somethings for him myself.    Can I count on you?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

comedy/tragedy masks graph

I used to have quite an extensive collection of Chinese opera masks.  I love everything about them; the material, the colors, the embellishments.  There is something timeless about the poignant simplicity of the comedy/tragedy masks, though.  The symbolism, the recognition, even the cliche of the masks is comforting to me. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Smurfette graph

I have been crocheting like crazy lately (big surprise there, eh?) and seem to have pulled a muscle in my back.  It is now impossible for me to sit cross legged on the floor and hunch over to complete my Marines afghan (which can be found on my Facebook page if you care to look) so I am designing a bit instead.  So, I present to you...SMURFETTE!  The most beautiful gnome in the world.  I've always loved her confidence and femininity.  Yes, I know she's  a cartoon.  I'm a 37 year old who still watches cartoons whether anyone else is home or not.  It's a moot point.  Anyway, since I'm about as feminine as a plow horse, I respect that Smurfette can run from an evil wizard, alley cat, and angry bats or whatever, all while wearing a shorty short dress and high heels.  She also never has a hair out of place. I dare you to try it.

Quick question, though. Do you prefer graphs, or written patterns?  I prefer to work with graphs, myself.  But I'm willing to put in the work for someone who wants a written pattern, provided I have an audience for it.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bruges lace book giveaway

I've never learned Bruges lace but am always up for learning new techniques. This giveaway is for a how to book on Bruges lace. I'm excited at the prospect. Won't you join me?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Turtle afghan pattern graph

What a cute little guy!  I haven't made him yet, but my goal was for a baby blanket.  Using a sc for each square with a G hook, I believe this should turn out crib blanket size.  I'll find out soon enough I hope! Using 2 dc for each square would yield a full size blanket, though I'd trim about 5 rows off top and bottom each.

September, 2015: I finally got to use this pattern! I changed the background to white, and used 2 shades of blue for the turtle. I used a G hook and 1Sc per square, but I added 6 columns to the front and back of the turtle and I added 2 rows to the top and bottom. Before border this gave me a 19" x 25 3/4". For the border i went around the outside with 1row each of white, light blue, dark blue. Finished dimensions were about 21" x 27".

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What are you working on?

I have to finish my son's Bumblebee blanket before his birthday in September, then I can work in earnest on the Christmas orders.  1 twin size afghan, personalized; 1 Dr. Who Tardis afghan, full size; 2 more green bay afghans (sizes pending).  After the Christmas orders, I have 2 more afghans to complete!  Here I thought my market was for hats!  I love it though.  I've never had a queue this large for projects this size.  What are you working on?  If you need ideas, browse through my free pattern posts and see if there's anything you like.  If you have a special request, let me know and I'll see what I can do for you.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thank you, followers!

It's amazing how much I have to do.  I've been crocheting for myself and my family just for fun for about 13 years now.  I decided to post some of my work on Facebook a few years ago and started getting requests.  I started a Facebook business page and this blog.  My Facebook page has over 300 "likes" and my blog has over 90 followers!  When I mentioned needing help testing a pattern I had volunteers coming out of the woodwork.  When I started playing around with afghan graphs, I started getting special requests again.  At this time, I have 2 twin size afghans, and 3 full size afghans ordered, as well as one in the works.  Most are due by Christmas.  I am submitting one of my patterns for a hat to a magazine soon, as soon as I can get everything together. I feel really good about things lately and I want to thank anyone who has helped me along the way to gain this confidence. :-)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Green bay packers afghan pattern

Since this is a licensed product I can't sell the pattern but I'm too proud of it to keep it to myself!
I used 2 DC for each graph square, a size H hook, and red heart yarn in hunter green (7 skeins), gold (2 skeins), brown (2 skeins),and white (2 skeins). I also used 1 skein black for seams on the football in another version. I used a new length of yarn for each color block instead of carrying them across the work. (see  this post) I measured the length of yarn it took to make 2 DC, and multiplied it by the number of squares in the section in question. Then I cut the yarn and balled it up to keep it neat. While working, I laid my work on the floor and moved myself from one side to the other when I changed direction. This throw measured 4-1/2 x 6-1/2 ft without the border (as graphed) and about 5 x 7 with the border (as in picture).
the graph will not print out properly so if you want a printable copy, email me at with "Green Bay Packers version 1" in the subject line.  See here for version 2.  I don't always get notifications if you post your email address in the comments so to ensure you receive the graph (as well as to keep your privacy), please email me your request. If you need a visual about how I made this afghan, check out my graduation afghan progress photos starting here . it is made the same way and had pictures of each day's progress.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lion Brand yarn give away

I've never seen Lion Brand's Zpagetti yarn advertised before today so I got excited when I saw this giveaway. Zpagetti is made from recycled fabrics so is available in solids and prints!  Each skein is a limited edition though, which makes this giveaway more exciting! If you share via social media, you get more entries. I did everything I could.  *fingers crossed* :-)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Grad afghan

Just wanted to post a photo of what I've been working on for the past 2 weeks. I'm pretty pleased with it.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stuffed pineapple amigurumi

 I'm sorry, but the yarn I used was donated and unlabeled.   I hate when that happens, but this little girl was so cute I had to share her anyway!
Penelope Pineapple, ©2013, Kendra's Crocheted Creations
F hook
yarn needle
worsted weight yarn in 2 shades yellow, dark green, (if desired, black, white, red for facial features)

With F hook and Yellow yarn, 6 sc into magic circle/adjustable ring.  (this is made by making a large loop by putting the yarn tail behind the working yarn. It sort of looks like a cursive "e")With your hook, draw the working yarn through the loop.
1. Ch 1 over loop. Sc into the loop, (crocheting over the tail) 6 times, then pull the tail to draw the loop closed very tightly. 

*If this is difficult to understand, there is a photo tutorial here, but it uses DC instead of sc). If following this tutorial, remember we need sc for this project.

Unless otherwise specified, crochet through both loops throughout this project
2. Ignore the ch1 sp at beginning and sc 2 in each sc around (12 sc)
3. (sc, 2 sc in next) 6 times (18 sc)
4. (sc in next 2, 2 sc) 6 times (24 sc)
5. (sc in next 3, 2 sc) 6 times (30 sc)
6. (sc in next 4, 2 sc) 6 times (36 sc)
7. (sc in next 5, 2 sc) 6 times, (42 sc)
8. (front loop only this round) (sk 2, 5 dc in next sc, sk 2, sc in next),6 more times
9. ch3, turn. (through both loops for the rest of the project) 2 dc in same sc (sk 2 dc, sc in next. sk 2 dc, 5 dc in next sc) 6 times. sk 2 dc, sc in next.  sk 2 dc, 2 dc in next sc, join to top of beginning ch 3.
10. ch 1, turn. (sk 2, 5 dc in sc, sk 2, sc in next dc) 6 times, sk 2, 5 dc in next sc, join to ch 1
11-16. repeat row 9-10 3 more times
17. sl st in each stitch around. fasten off.

with dark yellow, at center dc of any shell and below sl st, pull up a loop from inside the pineapple. insert hook through next dc and pull up a loop, pulling through yarn on hook (essentially making a slip stitch through the fabric). sl st through next dc as well, then through center dc of shell in the row below.  Working in opposite direction, to make zig zag pattern, repeat this procedure till you get to the bottom of the pineapple.  Sl st one more time through stitch at row 8 (the front loop only row). Turn your work and work back up toward the top of the pineapple, using the same method.  Make sure to sl st THROUGH the sl st at each point in the "zig" ...or maybe the "zag"...? in order to close the lines and leave no gaps. At top of pineapple, sl st one more time through sl st made with last row of yellow. Repeat method around pineapple, fasten off through first sl st.

With dark green, attach with sl st through any sl st at top of pineapple.  
1. Ch 15.  sl st in 2nd ch from hook, and next ch.  sc in next 3 ch. hdc through next 3 ch. dc through next 3 ch. tr through next 3 ch. sk 3 yellow stitches and sl st through next. repeat around.
2.  repeat row 1, staggering leaves so they are not using the same loops to attach to work as the first row of leaves.  Fasten off, leaving a long tail.  

You may leave pineapple as is, or embellish with a face.  I was asked to make a face, so with black, I used the adjustable ring as described above, and sc 6 in ring. join, fasten off.  Join white with sc in any st. sc in same stitch. 2 sc in each sc around, then once through center of magic ring. join, fasten off, leaving enough yarn to sew to pineapple. (make 2 eyes)

After sewing eyes to pineapple, thread black yarn on needle to sew eyelashes above, if desired.

With red, using same method as dark yellow sl st on surface of fabric, make mouth (any shape mouth you like! full lipped, like mine, a single-lined smile, frown, straight face, whatever!)

Stuff lightly with polyfill to hold shape.

with yarn needle, thread tail through green sl stitches around.  Pull tightly closed, tie off tightly.

Rosebud: (optional)
with red, ch 23. sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch.
ch 4, turn. (dc, ch1) 4 times in same sp. *sk 2, sc in next. sk 2, (dc, ch1) 4 times in next st, dc in same sp. repeat from * to end. Fasten off, leaving long tail for sewing.  Roll scallops up, making sure to keep beginning chain level. sew together tightly, and attach to pineapple.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pattern tester for this hat please?

 I need a pattern tester for this hat.  It was made with an unlabeled yarn (I was trying something and it didn't work out but I like the results anyway so am trying to finalize a pattern for it), but it was 2-ply.  Very light.  I used a D hook to create this cute little hat.  The crown is done in v-stitches, and the brim uses front and back post stitches to make the cables.  Any takers?   Send an email to and I'll send you the pattern to try out for me!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Pattern testers needed!

I sure wish I could get someone to preview and work up a pattern for me!  I've asked at least 3 people that said they'd do it and I haven't gotten any of them to follow through yet! It's been weeks.  Any ideas to get people to volunteer to work up a pattern for me to see if it's sale-worthy?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bird cage/Japanese lantern pattern

I wanted to make a Japanese Lantern to hang from the hook in the ceiling. Of course there are no patterns available so here is my first attempt. It turned out longer than I had anticipated so I should have made another pattern repeat and made the "roof" larger or made the sides shorter, but now I know! ;-)  My son asked why I crocheted a cage, hence the title!  Anyway, to get what I have in the pic, this is what I did.

Using size D crochet hook and size 10 cotton thread in color of choice (I chose a color that matched the overall theme of our living room).

sides:  chain 37. sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across (36 sc)
2-6.  ch 1(counts as first sc), turn. sc through both loops in each sc across. (26 sc)
7-9.  ch 2 turn. (dc in next st, ch 2) repeat11 x. dc in last 2 st.
repeat rows 2- 9 6 times. sew or sl st edges together to form a tube (I ironed the piece flat before I did this)

top ("roof") ch 2. 5 sc in 2nd ch from hook. do not join
in back loop only, 
2. 2 sc in each sc (10 sc)
3. (sc, 2 sc in next ) 5 x (15 sc)
4. (sc in next 2, 2 sc) 5 x (20 sc)
5. (sc in next 3, 2 sc) 5 x (25 sc)
6. (sc in next 4, 2 sc) 5 x (30 sc)
7. (sc in next 5, 2 sc) 5 x (35 sc)
8. (sc in next 6, 2 sc) 5 x (40 sc)
9. (sc in next 7, 2 sc ) 5 x (45 sc)
10. (sc in next 8, 2 sc) 5 x (50 sc)
11. (sc in next 9, 2 sc) 5 x (55 sc)
12. (sc in next 10, 2 sc) 5 x (60 sc)
13 (sc in next 11, 2 sc) 5 x (65 sc)
14. (sc in next 12, 2 sc) 5 x (70 sc)
15. (sc in next 13, 2 sc) 5 x (75 sc)
16 (sc in next 14, 2 sc) 5 x (80 sc)
17. (sc in next 15, 2 sc) 5 x (85 sc)
18. (sc in next 16, 2 sc) 5 x (90 sc)
19. (sc in next 17, 2 sc) 5 x (95 sc)
20. (sc in next 18, 2 sc) 5 x (100 sc)
21. (sc in next 19, 2 sc) 5 x (105 sc)
sl st in next 2, fasten off.  Sew sides to underside (where the "ridges" are made by the rows) of row 18 of top.

ch 2. 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook. do not join
in back loop only, 
2. 2 sc in each sc (12 sc)
3. (sc, 2 sc in next ) 6 x (18 sc)
4. (sc in next 2, 2 sc) 6 x (24 sc)
5. (sc in next 3, 2 sc) 6 x (30 sc)
6. (sc in next 4, 2 sc) 6 x (36 sc)
7. (sc in next 5, 2 sc) 6 x (42 sc)
8. (sc in next 6, 2 sc) 6 x (48 sc)
9. (sc in next 7, 2 sc ) 6 x (54 sc)
10. (sc in next 8, 2 sc) 6 x (60 sc)
11. (sc in next 9, 2 sc) 6 x (66 sc)
12. (sc in next 10, 2 sc) 6 x (72 sc)
13 (sc in next 11, 2 sc) 6 x (78 sc)
14. (sc in next 12, 2 sc) 6 x (84 sc)
15. (sc in next 13, 2 sc) 6 x (90 sc)
16 (sc in next 14, 2 sc) 6 x (96 sc)
17. (sc in next 15, 2 sc) 6 x (102 sc)
18. (sc in next 16, 2 sc) 6 x (108 sc)
sl st in next 2, fasten off. Sew to bottom of sides.

Hanging loop:
attach thread in point of roof, chain 12, attach thread to point of roof. fasten off.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baby booties necklace pattern

Materials: small amount of baby yarn ( i used Caron simply soft in pink), F crochet hook, 1/4 inch ribbon 

Bootie (make 2)
6 ch turn
Sc in 2nd ch from hook and next 3. 5 sc in last ch, sc in next 3. Join.
Ch 1 sc in same sp, 2 sc in next. Sc in next 4. 2 sc in next 2. sc in next 6. Skip beginning chain. Join in 1st sc of row. This puts the join in the center of the heel.
Ch1 sc in each sc around. Join.
Ch 1 Sc in next 7.  Sc2tog next 3. 3 sc, join.
Ch 1 turn. Sc in next 2. sc2tog next 3. Sc next 5. Join.
Ch 4. Join to base of heel. 4 sc in loop just made. Join to top of ch 4 and hide ends.
Ribbon bow is optional.
To make ribbon bow, cut about 2 inches ribbon, overlap edges and sew together through all 3 layers. Pull tight and tie off, but do not cut! Cut about a half inch of ribbon and wrap it around center of loop just made, overlapping edges and hiding threads and knots. Sew together without showing thread on front of bow. Sew finished ribbon bow to toe of bootie before tying off. Pull needle through bootie and tie off inside to hide knot. Cut thread.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New York Giants afghan

I was recently asked to do a New York Giants afghan as a birthday present for a friend's child.  This little gem is laying over a full sized bed, with several inches hanging on each side, enough to cover the mattress.  I'm kinda proud of myself.  Since I showed this off on my facebook page I have been asked to do several more NFL teams.  What do you think of it?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lemon twist hat pattern

Materials: appx 100 yards worsted weight yarn (I used Red Heart With Love in Daffodil)
G hook

Gauge: 16 stitches and 14 rows = 4 inches

Form magic circle/adjustable ring
6 sc in ring, pull tight, do not join.
1. sc in 1st sc, ch3 (sc in next sc, ch 3) 5 times (6 sc and 6 ch 3)
2. (sc in next sc, 2 sc in ch 3, ch 3) 6 times (18 sc and 6 ch 3)
3. (sc in next 3 sc, 2 sc in ch 3, ch3) 6 times (30 sc and 6 ch 3
4. (sc in next 5 sc, 2 sc in ch 3, ch3) 6 times (42 sc and 6 ch 3)
5. (sc in next 7 sc, 2 sc in ch 3, ch3) 6 times (54 sc and 6 ch 3)
6. (sc in next 9 sc, 2 sc in ch 3, ch3) 6 times (66 sc and 6 ch 3)
7. (sk 2 sc, sc in next 9, 2 sc in ch 3, ch 3) 6 times(66 sc and 6 ch 3)
repeat row 7 to desired length.
finishing: reverse single crochet in each sc and ch around (84 rsc). Sl st in first rsc, fasten off. To do a rsc, insert hook in the first stitch to the RIGHT of your working yarn. Yarn over and pull up a loop. The yarn will be twisted, but this is what we want. Complete as a regular single crochet. If you're a visual person, there are several videos available to show you how to do this. Just Google "reverse single crochet."

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eye care for Crocheters

As I was struggling to read the show description on my tv while deciding whether to watch  a certain episode on Netflix, I wondered why.   My eyesight is decent, but suddenly I can't read from across the room!  As I crocheted away at the afghan I've been working on, it came to me.  I've been focusing on the yarn and hook in my hand for weeks now, with the doors and windows closed (it's winter here in Michigan) and my eyes are forgetting how to see further in the distance.  Please remember to take a few minutes every day from your projects and exercise your eyes!  Try this: Focus on something in the distance - as far away as you can see - and count to 30.  Focus on something up close, something across the room is fine, and count to 30 again.  Repeat about 10 times each.  Do this 2 or 3 times a day if you can, but try to do it at least once.  If you're blinking several times and maybe feel your eyes tingling as you look in the distance, know that this is needed!  As you continue doing this over several days, the tingling will subside and the blinking will lessen.  If it doesn't, think about getting an appointment with your eye doctor.