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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baby booties necklace pattern

Materials: small amount of baby yarn ( i used Caron simply soft in pink), F crochet hook, 1/4 inch ribbon 

Bootie (make 2)
6 ch turn
Sc in 2nd ch from hook and next 3. 5 sc in last ch, sc in next 3. Join.
Ch 1 sc in same sp, 2 sc in next. Sc in next 4. 2 sc in next 2. sc in next 6. Skip beginning chain. Join in 1st sc of row. This puts the join in the center of the heel.
Ch1 sc in each sc around. Join.
Ch 1 Sc in next 7.  Sc2tog next 3. 3 sc, join.
Ch 1 turn. Sc in next 2. sc2tog next 3. Sc next 5. Join.
Ch 4. Join to base of heel. 4 sc in loop just made. Join to top of ch 4 and hide ends.
Ribbon bow is optional.
To make ribbon bow, cut about 2 inches ribbon, overlap edges and sew together through all 3 layers. Pull tight and tie off, but do not cut! Cut about a half inch of ribbon and wrap it around center of loop just made, overlapping edges and hiding threads and knots. Sew together without showing thread on front of bow. Sew finished ribbon bow to toe of bootie before tying off. Pull needle through bootie and tie off inside to hide knot. Cut thread.