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Friday, July 5, 2013

Green bay packers afghan pattern

Since this is a licensed product I can't sell the pattern but I'm too proud of it to keep it to myself!
I used 2 DC for each graph square, a size H hook, and red heart yarn in hunter green (7 skeins), gold (2 skeins), brown (2 skeins),and white (2 skeins). I also used 1 skein black for seams on the football in another version. I used a new length of yarn for each color block instead of carrying them across the work. (see  this post) I measured the length of yarn it took to make 2 DC, and multiplied it by the number of squares in the section in question. Then I cut the yarn and balled it up to keep it neat. While working, I laid my work on the floor and moved myself from one side to the other when I changed direction. This throw measured 4-1/2 x 6-1/2 ft without the border (as graphed) and about 5 x 7 with the border (as in picture).
the graph will not print out properly so if you want a printable copy, email me at with "Green Bay Packers version 1" in the subject line.  See here for version 2.  I don't always get notifications if you post your email address in the comments so to ensure you receive the graph (as well as to keep your privacy), please email me your request. If you need a visual about how I made this afghan, check out my graduation afghan progress photos starting here . it is made the same way and had pictures of each day's progress.


  1. This is amazing!!! I would love to make this blanket for my boyfriend! I printed out your graph but it turned out a little blurry and I can't read it - do you have any suggestions on how to get around that or a higher resolution graph for printing out? Thanks! -Kaylee

    1. send an email to and I will try to email you the original and see if that works out for you!