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Friday, October 18, 2013

Kaylara's moebius scarf

Warm and fashionable infinity scarf  commissioned by a friend's daughter.  I don't know if there's a name for this stitch, so I named the scarf after the girl!  This is the Kaylara scarf.

Using N Hook and ww yarn (I used red heart grey Heather):
Ch 24 sc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across. (23 sc)
2. Ch 1, turn. (Sc in next st, ch 1, SK 1) 11 x. Sc in last 2 Sc.
Repeat row 2, placing Sc over Sc and ch over ch, to desired length. *see notes
Twist one end one time before whipstitching edges together.

*Sc through both loops, splitting the vertical bars on both sides of scarf.

project requests

I love when people give me a picture and say "can you make this?"  I always respond with "absolutely!" but sometimes it's rather difficult to tell form the picture what stitch was used on the scarf, or what color was used on the amigurumi, so I get as close as I can.  I got another such request yesterday from a teenager with an affinity to scarves.  I was sent a picture of the scarf, and a picture of her wearing a scarf "so I knew how she liked to wear them" Her mother rolled her eyes at this exchange, but I appreciated it.  If I get more details, I can come closer to giving her what she wants.  When she came to pay for it, I asked for special instructions.  She was happy to tell me how she liked to wear them (again) and how wide she wanted it, as well as what color was acceptable.  After several failed attempts yesterday I put it aside and will start fresh today.  How often do you crochet/knit/craft form a picture for customers?