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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rubik's cube throw instructions

Materials needed: H hook, around 1 skein each Red Heart yellow, orange, red, blue, white, green (shades of your choice) and around 2 skeins black, yarn needle

Gauge: 7 dc and 4 rows = 2 inches

Finished size: appx 44" x 60 "

Make 9 of each color:
With block color, chain 23. Dc in 3rd chain from hook. Dc in each chain to end.  (22 dc)
2. Ch 2, turn. Dc in each dc to end.
Repeat row 2 until you have a square (I made 9 rows, but I could have made 10 because if you look closely, the color blocks aren't perfectly square). Fasten off at the end of last row.

Turn, Attach black to corner with sl st. ch 3. 2 more dc in same corner.  Dc in each dc across, putting 5 dc in corner stitch.  Turn work 90° to work along side of block. Put 1 dc around the top row's dc, then put 2 dc around he end of each row till you get to the bottom row.  Put 1 dc in bottom row's dc. Put 5 dc in corner. Turn to work across bottom of block.  Dc in each dc to end. 5 dc in last stitch, turn to work along edge. Repeat first edge , but put 2 dc in beginning corner. Join with sl st, fasten off.

With black, sew blocks together.  You may decide to mix up your blocks like a scrambled Rubik's cube. If you do this, I'd love a photo!  When all blocks are sew together, go around outside edge with black using dc (5 in the corners!) just as you did for the color blocks.

I also sewed a sheet to the back of mine because I made it for my son and he dislikes afghans or "blankets with holes" so I wanted to make him more comfortable.