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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

New Orleans Saints

Fleur de Lis, plain
I made a few different versions of the New Orleans' Saints Fleur de Lis before I and my correspondent, who was desperate to make one, were happy with it.  The first was a black background with a gold Fleur de Lis. Very simple, very understated, very "elegant" was my thought.  "Lone tumbleweed in the desert" was hers.  Plus, a black background was difficult for anyone to see the grid lines on. Change that to gold.

Fleur de Lis, text
"Add some text" was her next thought.  So I put in the word "Saints" above (and another version with the text  below, but I didn't want to overwhelm you with too many photos-I think maybe she liked the text below better)!  "Better," she told me.  But still too plain.  What to do next?  She sent me a picture.  A large, black Fleur de Lis behind an upright, smaller, gold one with large lettering of "SAINTS" above and in the foreground.  "That's going to take some time," I told her.  She was excited at the prospect of it working and was willing to wait.  Within a few days I sent her this:

Fleur de Lis, fancy
Guess what?  She loved it!  I do too, but I think it would be a bit complicated to work up. So very many color changes and you know what that means!  Every opportunity for knots to invade our personal space and destroy what we've worked so hard to accomplish.  That's why I say to work it from the side - to cut down on the color changes all happening in the same rows.

If you'd like to receive a pdf of any of these graphs, email me at with the caption under the photo you want as the subject line.  For example if you want the plain black one at the top of the page, the subject will be "Fleur de Lis, plain."  Any questions should be in the body of the email. 

Leave your thoughts in the comments below and please share using the buttons, or link directly to this page.  Please remember to credit me with the design if you share or create a finished product from my graphs.  Send me a finished photo and it can be featured here or on my Facebook page.

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