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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers is a graph without text, but with what I consider a dynamic photo!  What a stunning logo for a team!  This graph was created to make a twin mattress-top sized throw, easily converted to  a bedspread (by adding several rows of border) or enlarged for a full sized bed (by adding 15 rows to the top and bottom of the logo to make the graph a square).  Use an H hook and 2 dc per graph square to gt these sizes. To make a throw size, add 5 rows to top and bottom, and 15 to each side and use 1 sc per graph square with a J hook.    If you like my graphs, please let me know in the comments,or email me with your requests at and I'll send you a pdf.
Thanks for the finished photo, Lori!  It looks fabulous!  Great work.

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