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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Super Bulky throw

Materials: 4 skeins Lion Brand Hometown USA, Raspberry, Super Bulky
Size N Crochet hook

1.  Ch 98, sc in 2nd ch from hook.(ch 1 skip next ch. Sc in next ch) rep to end, ending with a sc in last st. ch 1, turn (to make a wider throw, increase starting chain to desired length, keeping it an even number of stitches)
2.  (Sc in ch 1 sp, ch1, skip sc) repeat to end, end with Sc in turning CH.

repeat row 2 until desired length. do not fasten off

*putting the sc over the ch instead of through a single loop of the chain uses more yarn, and gives you a thicker, denser fabric that is a bit stiffer, but warm enough to keep you cozy in a blizzard ;-)

For border:
ch 1,  sc in same corner space, ch 1, turn corner. sc first row end, (sc in next row end, ch 1) repeat down entire side. For corner; sc, ch 1, sc in same corner space and continue in like fashion around to beginning of border row.  sc, ch 1 in corner sp, join.

repeat border row as many times as you like, remembering to ch 1 and turn each time. Put a sc, ch 1, sc in each corner and sc in previous row's ch 1 and ch 1 over previous row's sc. 

My finished product with about 3 or 4 border rows, was around a 3 ft x 5 ft throw.  After washing it was so incredibly super soft, my 8 year old son won't give it back when he's watching cartoons! It's very cozy and warm and luxuriously soft!