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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Awareness ribbon bags free pattern

2 colors WW yarn (background color (A) and ribbon color (B))
Size G hook
cloth for lining, sewing needle, and matching thread (Optional)

1. with color A, 6 sc in magic circle (do not join)
2. 2 sc in each sc (12 sc) (make sure to crochet over your tail so you won't have to hide it later!)
3. (sc, 2 sc) x 6 (18 sc)
4. (sc in 2, 2 sc) x 6 (24 sc)
5. (sc in 3, 2 sc ) x 6 (30 sc)
6. (sc in 4, 2 sc) x 6 (36 sc)
7. (sc in 5, 2 sc) x 6 (42 sc)
8. (sc i 6, 2 sc) x 6 (48 sc)
9. (begin sides) in back loop only, hdc in next sc, dc in next 47.
10. dc in ea (48 dc)
11 rep row 10. (48 dc)
12. Using color B to start the ribbon, dc 1, change to A, dc in next 5, change to B, dc 1, change to A, dc in next 41.
13. 2B, 3A, 2B, 41A
14. 1A, 2B, 1A, 2B, 42A
15. 1A, 3B, 43A, 1B
16. 1B, 1A, 2B, 41A, 2B, 1A
17. 2A, 2B, 44A
18: 1A, 2B, 1A,  2B, 42A
19. 1A, 3B, 44A
20. 1A, 3B, 44A
21-23. dc in next 48
24. dc in next 45, hdc, sc, sl st
25 ch 3, dc in next st, ch 2, sk 2, (dc in next 2, ch 1, sk 2 dc) 11 times, join with a sl st to top of beginning chain 3.
26. ch 3, dc in each dc and ch, join, fasten off.


Join A on one side of bag with ribbon facing  forward. (ch 3, dc in next 2) turn.  Repeat till strap is desired length. Join to opposite side of bag.


With color B, ch 100. sc in 2nd ch from hook and each chain to end. Fasten off.  Weave through holes made by ch 2 spaces on bag.

*I have to turn my bag inside out to have the best side showing. You should see the ridge made on your back loop only row on the outside.

Now, cut out your fabric if you choose to line it.  trace around the bottom of the bag with pencil on the wrong side of the fabric and cut it out.  Measure the distance around the bag and cut out a rectangle that length. Sew the rectangle to the circle with the right sides together. Fold down the top edge of the lining and iron it down. Now insert the lining into the bag and pin, in, pin it in, right under the drawstring holes. Sew lining into bag. Do not go all the way through the crochet stitches, just snag the needle around the yarn on the inside of the bag and back through the lining.


  1. oh! i love them. <3 my dad haf cancer.i think his color was Orange. how big are they?

  2. 4-1/2 inches diameter and 6 inches from bottom to drawstring. I'm glad you like them!

  3. Replies
    1. There you go, Molly! Pattern is now included:-)

  4. I haven't written up a pattern for them, Molly, but I'll get to working on it! I'll share when it's done. :)