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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eye care for Crocheters

As I was struggling to read the show description on my tv while deciding whether to watch  a certain episode on Netflix, I wondered why.   My eyesight is decent, but suddenly I can't read from across the room!  As I crocheted away at the afghan I've been working on, it came to me.  I've been focusing on the yarn and hook in my hand for weeks now, with the doors and windows closed (it's winter here in Michigan) and my eyes are forgetting how to see further in the distance.  Please remember to take a few minutes every day from your projects and exercise your eyes!  Try this: Focus on something in the distance - as far away as you can see - and count to 30.  Focus on something up close, something across the room is fine, and count to 30 again.  Repeat about 10 times each.  Do this 2 or 3 times a day if you can, but try to do it at least once.  If you're blinking several times and maybe feel your eyes tingling as you look in the distance, know that this is needed!  As you continue doing this over several days, the tingling will subside and the blinking will lessen.  If it doesn't, think about getting an appointment with your eye doctor.


  1. I am sure this will help us computer users also. You have a GOD given talent. Thank you for sharing

  2. Oh yes, this is great for anyone working close up with their eyes. I found this out when I was in college and spent all my time looking at white boards, over head projectors, books, computers, and didn't have to focus on anything more than a few feet away. I ended up needing glasses when I drove (speed limit signs started saying really funny things!) and my eye doctor told me my eyes forgot how to see in the distance.