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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Free Minion graph

What is a minion?  By definition, "a follower or underling of a powerful person, especially a servile or unimportant one," but that doesn't all apply to the minions of Gru (Despicable Me franchise). They are most certainly not unimportant!  They do most of Gru's hands-on work for him, whether in the lab or cleaning his house.  He is lost with out them!

They have masculine names like Kevin and Stuart, but no distinguishing gender characteristics.  They can be tall (for a minion-almost 4 feet), short, skinny, heavy, one-eyed, or two-eyed. Or, like Bob (not pictured) extra short, extra heavy, and with 2 eyes of different colors (did you even notice that?)! Also, they have no ears so their glasses (and they all wear glasses!) are strapped on.

Most importantly, they are happiest when serving. I love that!  I like to be helpful myself so appreciate that trait in others.  Besides, it makes them even more adorable than their cuddly looking bodies themselves.

To make your own minion afghan, use an H hook and 2 dc per graph square. Your finished product should turn out around twin-sized.  If you want smaller, use a J hook and 1 sc per graph square, but increase the number of rows on top and bottom by 15 and on each side by 5.  If you want the full sized pdf, email me at with "Minion Graph" in the subject line.  Any questions can be put in the body of the email.  If you make it, please tag #kendrascrochetedcreations on social media with the finished photo and email me a copy to be featured here or on my Facebook page!