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Sunday, April 8, 2018

free Zoidberg graph

Need to crochet an afghan?  Why not Zoidberg?

Dr. John Zoidberg, a crustacean doctor specializing in alien physiology (but not human! Oh boy, not human!) is the company doctor for the Planet Express crew of Futurama.  He is exceedingly poor, homeless, friendless, smelly, and eats out of trash cans ("a feast is a feast!"). He is oblivious to social propriety, but extremely loyal to the crew.  He is one of my favorite characters on the show so I made a graph of him (no, I haven't made this one yet either...I'm beginning to see a pattern with my procrastination, do you?). 

If you'd like the pdf of this graph, email me at with "Zoidberg" in the subject line.   To make the blanket, use an H hook and 2 dc per graph square to get a twin-sized afghan (or close to it).  To get a 5 x 6 ft afghan, use a J hook and 1 sc per graph square, increasing the rows by 5 on top and bottom and by 15 on each side.  If you make this, please tag #kendrascrochetedcreations on social media and send me a copy of your finished product so I can feature it here or on my Facebook page! Leave me your thoughts below and share with the social media buttons!

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