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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bosnian crochet potholder

I only recently heard of the method of crochet called Bosnian, or slip-stitch crochet. It's created by using only the slip stitch. It's texture is created by using front or back loops only. This pot holder I made out of cotton using an I hook was first chained 40 stitches, then turned to sl st in each (minus the first stitch. Then, turn the work to sl st in each chain on the opposite side without adding any stitches at the end. When I got to the first chain made, I then alternated front and back loops (5 each) to create the striped pattern. Bosnian crochet tends to snug up when worked, so even though the starting chain was about 9 inches long, the ending pot holder is about half that size! The fabric is dense and stiff and I have a bit of a curl on two corners for some reason, but I love how it looks and plan on playing more with this method now that I've familiarized myself with it :D.


with I hook and cotton yarn, chain 40 st in each chain, turn to opposite side of chain and work 39 more sl st.
2. turn work without adding any stitches in end loops. sl st in front loops only 5 times, then in back loops only 5 times. repeat all the way around, being careful at ends for the first few rounds as the stitches are close together and easily confused.
3.Keep repeating until the work is about half as tall as it is wide at the starting chain.
4.Fold ends together so that the starting chain is diagonal across the corners. Sew closed using the front loop of one side and the back loop of the other. using leftover yarn from sewing, chain 6, join in corner with sl st. turn, sl st in each chain, secure and hide ends.

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