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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Grad afghan progress, Day 3

this one is going to have a white cap instead of a black one.

Day 3 did not go nearly as well as days 1 and 2.  In fact, I had to unravel the last row of day 2 because the black border around the numbers was supposed to have been started and I didn't notice it. Then I worked about 4 more rows before I remembered the cap was supposed to be white in this one!  So I had to unravel all my day's work and start over.  There was a pile of unraveled yarn on the floor and it's gotten a bit tangled.  I can only hope I can keep it straight well enough not to know it up.  At a later point I realized I had worked over one of my strands that I wasn't supposed to cover so had to unravel another row to uncover it and make it usable again.  So today's progress isn't nearly as noticeable as it should be.

See all those strands at the top of the photo?  They're attached to skeins of yarn.  I count 12 different strands hanging from the work.  I do carry over, tapestry style, if there are only a few stitches and if the colors don't contrast sharply (for example, I try not to carry black or white over each other because it is very visible and not pleasing to they eye).  The first time I made this afghan I started at the bottom and had so very many strands hanging (just look at every time I had to change colors in the numbers when I worked it horizontally!) it was impossible not to get tangled up and I had to cut the yarn to unknot it. it was horrible!

I hope this visual helps with anyone trying to do colorwork.  I enjoy it but it can be a pain if I'm not careful.