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Friday, March 20, 2015

grad afghan progress, Day 1

the graph from which I'll make the afghan
the finished product
Here is my graduate afghan graph.  I made one afghan in these colors already, (as you can see  - sorry about the blurry camera phone photo, I promise I'll do better next time!)
and have started another one (except this second one will have a white cap) and the first day's progress is shown below. 

the first ten rows, day one
I'll work on it again tonight and show day to day progress as this one grows. I've had questions about how I make my afghans from graphs and I think this will help clarify things.

I'm working this graph from the side so I will come to the tassel first (the black bit near the middle) and work through the 2, then the 0, etc. It's a lot easier than doing all the numbers at the same time from top to bottom or bottom to top because of all the color changes needed.  I know some people think the stitches in an afghan need to be vertical when looking at the design and if that's important to you, just make sure to keep your yarn untangled with each turn of your work.  Otherwise on something like this you'll end up wanting to cut out the knots that form and making more ends to weave in, thus weakening the integrity of the blanket.

I will post my progress from today tomorrow morning at least that's my plan!).  I worked about 2 hours total on this much of it, so I can calculate my time to finish from this much.  There are 100 rows across so that means 10 days of 10 rows (if I keep up the same rate) and 2 hours a day x 10 days is 20 hours to complete this afghan.  Let's see if I'm right!