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Sunday, February 22, 2015

WIP progress...or not...

I have been productively working on my WIPs...until now! I had a rather large order that I had to start working on (though the deadline isn't until Christmas) so my death star throw pillow has gone unembellished and my knit shawl is wadded up in a bunch at the bottom of my projects tote. I've filled the part of the order that has been paid for and started a "pay it forward" gift. Throughout the year I will be mailing hand made gifts to people with the direction that they pay it forward and give something to somebody else. I've made one Green Bay hat and started an autism awareness scarf. The scarf is done in sc (you can see it  here)so is taking longer than any other scarf I've made. All those color changes slow things down, too. I'm playing with the idea of making individual puzzle pieces and sewing then together, but I don't like that kind of work as well.
So, now that the interruptions are out of the way, or will be as soon as I finish that scarf, I can get back to my WIP pile. But will I?