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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Autism awareness

Autism Awareness scarf. Puzzle pieces are tres chic!
I have been sitting at my sewing machine for the past week or so instead of finishing the scarf from last week I've made a few other things!  Rest assured, the pattern is complete and listed in my Ravelry store.

From this piece (my favorite dress in the 90s but is now a bit young for me)

I tore off the sleeves to make this headband
Very comfy!
and this tank top
or should I say "crop top"? Rats! Too short for me.

I cut a big circle out of the skirt portion that was hacked off and made this hat for myself! Very soft, very confy, and hopefully warm enough for Michigan winter!

Oh yeah, and I made this for my cousin to give to her husband for their anniversary!  She said he loved it! Email me if you'd like the graph I used for it.  I'd be happy to share it.