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Friday, August 26, 2011

Does anyone else have a multi-task personality? I sure do! I can't watch tv without feeling like I'm missing out on doing something. In times like these, I turn to yarn. My usual yarn of choice is Red Heart because it's the most frugal way to feed my yarn addiction. I recently received a generous donation from a friend that included a lot of yarn brands I can't find in my local Walmart. Most of these were cotton yarns. Now, my Walmart sells cotton yarn like Sugar and Cream, but the hanks, balls, skeins, or whatever they're supposed to be called, are very small and I like to work on larger projects. I'd hate to buy out a single color every week till my project is done. My friend, however, has connections to stores I can't normally visit. So when she cleaned out her yarn stash, I received just enough cotton yarn for a big shawl. I adore shawls. I love to make them, wear them, design them. This is what I was working on during my tv shows for the past few weeks. I took a knit pattern that I was struggling with (not because it's difficult, but because I'm still trying to control my needles!) and converted it to crochet...sort of.  It doesn't look anything at all like the knit shawl, but I love it! What do you think? The next time I'm stressed because I'm watching tv with nothing else to do, I'll bring out my design ideas and see what cones out next! I hope you do, too.

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