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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

x-stitch scarf

skip one before dc in next

It's autumn time in Michigan and it puts me in mind of hats, scarves, and warm, cozy afghans. I decided to make another scarf. This is a simple repeat and a simple stitch using only dc and chains(at the beginning of the row) Using Teal WW yarn and an I hook, 21 FDC(If you prefer a thinner scarf, use less fdc, but make sure there is an odd number of stitches. The "x"s will be staggered, not stacked on top of each other. If you use an even number of base stitches, they will be stacked and have a different look) To do this, watch the youTube video or see text with pictures. *Alternatively, you could Ch 23, dc in 3rd ch from hook and in each across (21 dc)
Row 2: Ch3, sk 1st dc, dc in next dc, dc in 1st dc skipped (working over top of dc just made) 10 times, turn.  Repeat Row 2 till scarf is desired length.

*One issue I have with this stitch is the tendency of the yarn to misbehave during the second part of the dc. As I complete a row I notice extra stitches in the previous row due to the tendency of the yarn to pull off. Instead of having a dc, I end up with a "hdc, ch1" in places. Please watch your yarn carefully. Of course, If I watched my yarn at all instead of watching tv, this wouldn't be a problem! It's only an issue when I do this x stitch so I believe it's the pull of the yarn during the crossing stage.

Now what I'm going to do is give it a twist and sew the ends together to make an infinity scarf! I hate to say it, but I'm not going to post a pic of the final product here because I've had so many issues posting pics from my phone and rearranging them on the computer to make sense. If you have any questions about the pattern, please contact me and I'll try my best to clarify.

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