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Friday, March 9, 2018

Detroit Tigers

Old English D
Tigers are my favorite animal.  Michigan is my home state.  So of course I favor the Detroit Tigers over all other teams! The official logo is the Old English D you see here, though that has changed over time.  When the team first formed, they were cutting the logos out by hand and sewing them on to uniforms and caps, but the caps and uniforms were made by 2 different companies so they didn't match! Now, we still see different versions on caps and on banners and on get the idea.

Tigers are majestic, graceful, and beautiful. Another great thing about the mascot, PAWS the Tiger, is his affinity for social events!  He loves coming to office parties, community events, birthday parties (he can bring gifts from the Tigers!), weddings (he even has a tuxedo he'll wear-how cool is that?), special deliveries (I would dearly love to have a bouquet of flowers delivered to me by PAWS!), and school events.  What a great guy!

Tiger face
In the partial logo of the tiger's face, he looks strong, ferocious, and a little bit scary!  I haven't worked this one up myself but I might someday!  I do love him.  I spent a lot of time getting his face symmetrical, pixel by pixel.  If you want the pdf of either graph, please let me know at with the photo caption of the graph you want in the subject line.  Any questions should be in the body of the email.  If you make an afghan from these graphs, please send me a photo to be featured here or on my Facebook. page!  Also, I really love seeing the work you do send to me.

Both graphs should be worked up using an H hook and 2 dc per graph square. The tiger face is larger than my usual graphs, and more squared off, so I would work a couple rows before deciding if the size will be right for you.  If you need help changing the size of your finished product, let me know and I'll do my best to help.  If you want a 4 x 5 throw of the Old English D, add 15 rows to top and bottom and 5 rows to each side and work up using 1 sc per graph square with a J hook.