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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Whitetails Unlimited

Here in the mid west, we take hunting very seriously.  There are businesses and schools that even close for the first day of deer season! They figure since so many of their employees and school children will be out in the woods, they may as well not conduct business or classes. We teach our children to hold and shoot guns safely (and to never even aim it unless you intend to use it-NEVER at another human being!),  we believe that keeping the population of the deer down through humane hunting practices (go for the shot that kills, not injures or maims) will help those remaining to have a better life in regards to food supplies and overcrowding, and we believe that venison burgers, venison sausage, and venison steaks are a great way to feed our families!.  Whitetails Unlimited is an non-profit organization that promotes conservation. They raise funds to support educational programs, habitat conservation (including habitat enhancement and acquisition), research, wildlife agency assistance, and cooperative projects with conservation organizations.  

Because there is text on this graph, I'd suggest working it from the short side to avoid all the color changes in the lettering happening at the same time.  If you like the deer only, simply omit the text!  If you'd prefer a smaller throw (as is, working this graph with an H hook and 2 dc per graph square will give you an approximately twin sized afghan), then use a J hook and 1 sc per graph square, increasing the top and bottom by 5 rows and each side by 15.

If you'd like the pdf of Whitetails Unlimited for your favorite hunter (yourself included!) please email me at with "Whitetails Unlimited" in the subject line.  Any questions should be in the body of the email.  If you'd like me to make it for you, please contact me for pricing.

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