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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Happy Pi Day-a nerdy crochet round-up

I know not everyone is a math  nerd like me, and not everyone loves crochet, and even fewer still who fit both categories.  But for us (and those math nerds we crocheters love) there is a surprising amount of Pi (3.14 in the math world-the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter) projects.

Before I get to those, may I just say RIP Stephen Hawking. For a world-renowned physicist to die on Pi day has a kind of poetic irony to me.  Oh, and in case you didn't know, it is also Albert Einstein's birthday.  (Where's the crochet, Kendra? Here it comes:)

  • I think my favorite by far is this pi digits blanket found here, but unfortunately I could not find a pattern for it.  Look closely at the stitch she used-how cool is that!?

  • A free pattern for the pi symbol is found at Alicia Kachmar's blog, Create! Look at the little guys face!  He looks so happy just to be Pi!

  • I was excited to see this crochet c2c pi pillow at! So many things to love about it. It's C2C, it's the 𝜋 symbol on one side, and the numeric abbreviation on the other side. The pattern isn't written on the website, though, it's a downloadable pdf.

  • I am glad that someone out there has a sense of humor like mine.  Rebecca Breed Pepper's blog has a whimsical little pun of a "pie" crochet pattern here.

What are your favorite pi crochet patterns?  Leave a link in the comments below!

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