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Monday, March 5, 2018

Washington Redskins

I always wondered who the Washington Redskins primary logo was modeled after, but after finding out one of the prominent Native American leaders at the time helped design the logo, I'm not surprised how well it looks!  The "tucked" feathers were a result of the helmet decals not sticking properly on the "hanging" feathers.

This graph will create a twin mattress top sized afghan when using an H hook and 2 dc per graph square.  To make a 4 x 5 throw (or maybe it's a 5 x 6...I honestly don't remember my dimensions!) use a J hook and 1 sc per square after adding 15 rows to each side and 5 to top and bottom. If you'd like to create your own afghan with the pdf, please email me at with "Washington Redskins" in the subject line. Any questions should be in the body of the email.  If you'd like me to make you one, I can do that too!  Email me for pricing.

Have a fabulous day!