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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring Crochet roundup

Happy first day of spring!

Image result for springIt's still very cold here in the mid west.  I had to defrost my car this morning before I could drive anywhere!  But spring is officially here by the calendar and Easter is right around the corner. 

Spring, to me, means longer hours of daylight, flowers, baby animals and spring cleaning.  But we'll put the cleaning off for another day.

I'm "celebrating" the first day of spring by making up a list of things to do until I run out of time to do them (does anyone else have this problem?). I went shopping this morning, then sat down to have breakfast. I picked up my computer and read a bit of computer coding lessons online then picked up my paper to make some notes, coming up with an idea for this blog post in the midst of it.  I put down the notes, and opened my blog only to start writing and realize I never put my groceries away. I was putting my groceries away when I remembered I hadn't done laundry yet...  One of those days, you know what I mean? So I am going to finish something (this post) first before going on to the next thing (laundry) today. Just forget the list, Kendra, it does you no good!

This post is about spring. Spring crochet, to be exact.  There are a couple ways to celebrate spring with yarn.  Spring animal amigurumi and spring apparel are my favorites.  Here are a few links I enjoy:

There are hundreds of other patterns to be found, do you have a favorite?  Share your links in the comments below and let the rest of us see them.  Have fun with your spring crochet!

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